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What We Do


Here at Grace Ministries we love people and our desire is to help wherever possible.  We may be able to assist immediately, though it is not always possible and we may need to sign post to other agencies or organisations.


We have a comfortable seating area where people can come in and have a chat, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.  It is a safe place where people can come and relax.




Opening Times

Wed, Thu & Fri 10am - 2pm



Our charity shop has a two fold purpose.

Firstly it makes it possible for us to do the things we do here in Morecambe by covering the costs of running the shop.  Secondly we offer good quality clothes at very reasonable prices that are affordable to most people.


We work in partnership with Morecambe Food Bank and  give out Food Bank Vouchers to those in need.  We also operate an emergency food distribution service to those who are desperate.


We have volunteers who have a real heart to pray with people. Here at Grace Ministries we believe that prayer is very powerful.  There are always people on hand to pray with people on request. 

The River of Life Prayer Centre is open each Friday from 2.30 - 4.30 at our Yorkshire Street Shop.   There is always some one available to pray with you.  We also welcome individuals who want to just come and be quiet as they seek God or to join any prayer activities that may be happening on the day.


Unfortunately we are not able to help in every situation, but we can usually point people in the right direction.  We have links and working relationships with many other organisations in the area and further afield.  Please come in and ask we will always do our utmost to help in some way.

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