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Recent News

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Change of Ownership


Gateway Church, Morecambe and Grace Ministries have joined forces.

Gateway Church Morecambe has recently taken over the ownership and leadership of Grace Ministries.  Ali and Lorraine will continue to manage Grace Ministries as before.  This is an exciting time in the life of Grace Ministries and will bring new opportunities to develop and expand the work that we already do.    

We are OPEN 

Wed, Thu, Fri - 10am to 2pm.

We are currently closed due to the COVID-19 Lockdown.  We hope to re-open on Wednesday 14th April 2021

  • 2 people at a time in the Charity Shop 

  • 6 people at a time  in the Drop-In 

  • You will be asked to use hand sanitiser.

  • Drop-In visitors will have their temperature and contact details recorded.

  • There is a 30 - 60 minute time restriction for Drop-In visitors

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